Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wisata Bahari Lamongan ( Marine Tourism of Lamongan )

The beach is located on the north coast of Java, precisely in the District Paciran Lamongan in East Java. Marine Tourism of Lamongan offers its own oasis for tourists, was founded in 2004 as a result of tourism development that has been there before. Namely toads cape coast ( Pantai Tanjung Kodok ).
Marine Tourism of Lamongan is a very nice tourist spot because of where it presents a lot of games and recreation is impressive.
Incorporating the concept of marine tourism and world tour in an area of 11 hectares. Also available also support facilities such as food markets, tourist markets, fruit and fish markets and other public facilities such as clinics, ATMs, toilets, a parking lot large enough and etc.
To enter into the area of Marine Tourism of Lamongan must purchase admission in advance (ticket prices affordable). Eiiit ... ... ... wait a minute, to enter into Marine Tourism of Lamongan areas, we are forbidden to carry rice, noodles, rice cake, and vegetables.
After entering into the area, prepare yourself to enjoy a variety of games, recreation, and scenery is impressive.

1. House Cats

2. Ships & Cockle Gallery

3. Marine plow nest

4. Pavilion Wali Songo

5. Jet Coaster
6. Ghost Hospital
7. Go - Kart
8. Rotary Coaster
9. Under the Sea Palace
10. Moto Cross
11. ATV
12. Agility Arena
13. Souvenir Shop
14. Goa Insektarium
15. Tagada
16. Shoot Fish
17. Hunt garden
18. Glass Houses
19. Teen Playground
20. Pope Pop
21. Cape Frog
22. 3D Movies
23. Bumper Car
24. Space Shuttle
25. Water Games
26. Good Theatre
27. Swimming Pool
28. Water Bike
29. Kano
30. Water Slide
31. Banana Boat, Ski Boat, Long Boat, Blue Eagle, etc.
32. Fishing Wharf
33. Marina Restaurant
34. Turtle Pool
35. Galapagos
36. Texas City
37. Video Games
38. Flying Fox
39. Car Crazy Coaster
40. Cape Frog Beach Resort and Empress ZOO & Goa, makes you a travel more comfortable and effective

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